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Made in a weekend for the Stay Safe Jam 2020. The currently uploaded version is what we could finish by the deadline, but a more completed version, with a few more hours of work put into it, is available here: https://www.kongregate.com/games/root_studio/buggy-shelter.

Take control of an underground shelter, rescue the bugs running from the rain, keep them fed and rested, and the shelter in good conditions.

- Use the mouse to give commands to the bugs.
- Collect resources from outside the shelter.
- Bugs need enough beds to rest.
- Keep the door closed an quickly fix any water leaks, or the shelter will be flooded.
- If everything is under control, the water level will slowly decrease.

Install instructions

For the download version: unzip and play.


BugShelter-Jam-Win32.zip 21 MB

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